CWR Surface Restoration Inc.

  Save Time!                 Save Money!                  Save Aggravation!

At CWR Scratch Removal in Glass, we are committed to helping contractors and owners save money dealing with the unfortunate issue of scratched and stained windows, doors, mirrors and tables. We do this by removing the scratches instead of replacing the glass.
This in turn saves them Time and Money and Aggravation.

Experience Pays!
Most experienced in the Southeast!
We were doing projects when scratch removal was relatively new.
If you have an issue, we have probably dealt with it. For 10 years we have been an aggressive force in scratch removal doing anything from a single scratch to entire condominium high rise projects. From mirrors to high end laminated impact glass. From hard water spots to windows totally covered in scratches. We have saved literally tens of millions in glass replacements serving hundreds of customers. We know the steps to take to deal with your problem and can advise you how to save money to your specific need.

A Source to Major Contractors
Our philosophy is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".
We feel if we can treat our clients how we would like to be treated it will pay off in referrals and more work. That's why we are called on by major national and international contractors as well as glass manufactures, installers, cleaners and residents.

Why us!

Experience! 10 years of success, Thousands of jobs, Millions of Dollars Saved!

Speed! There is not a company out there faster at removing scratches! The faster we are the more money you save. We use several systems as well as our own techniques learned over the years to achieve the Optimal results!

Distortion free! We have guarantied our work from Day One!. If you are not completely satisfied with the finished result, and replace the piece we worked on, we will not charge you for the work performed on that piece. What have you got to lose!

Flexibility!  Any Glass,  Anywhere! Swing Stage, Rappelling, High Lift, or Scaffolding, or even in a pool, we've done it.

Fast Response! The PUNCH LIST has to get done before you can close on it. Your property needs to get ON THE MARKET or you need to be OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We are there ASAP!

Diplomacy! The relationship between the contractor and the owner vital and sensitive. We know sometimes we come in the middle of a dispute or tension. We have worked with compliant to irritated, easy going to very picky. We strive to bring satisfaction through information and assurance to the clients favor.

Consultation! Based on all the different scenarios we have been in, we will consult you with the most cost saving approach to your dilemma. as well as educating you on the latest standards and causes concerning scratches, stains and damage.

We Repair:
All Glass, I.G., Impact , Annealed, Tempered, Heat Strengthened, Tables and Mirrors, Auto, Boat, Commercial and Residential
Any kind of Staining, Hard water, Oil Canning, Chips, Gouges,  Graffiti (acid or scratched) sand blast chipping and Debris
We also do :
Construction window protection.
High rise rappelling services ( window washing, caulking/sealing, cleaning and repairs)
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Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona, Cocoa Beach, Jacksonville, Pensacola,Birmingham, Atlantic City,Philadelphia, Pheonix, San Antonio, Austin , Fort Worth, El Paso, Baltimore, Portland, Burlington,  Tucson, Albuquerque, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, Milwaukee, Detroit, Louisville, Chicago, Denver Raleigh,Indianapolis Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Washington D.C., Portland, Nashville, Boston, New York, Columbus, Lexington,Las Vegas, Williamsburg, Montreal, Quebec, Bahamas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, London, Paris, Berlin,Sweden, Belgium, Madrid, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo , Johannesburg, Copenhagen, Geneva, Zurich, Oslo
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