Q: Does the removal of scratches compromise the integrity of the glass?
A: No! It actually restores the surface tension of the glass and removes the area at risk .
Q: How do you remove the scratches?
A:  Unlike other scratch removal companies, we use three different systems and many  learned  polishing techniques  to accomplish optimal results for different situations.
Q: How much is it?
A: We bid out each  based on a per  manhour basis. This is advantagious to the customer due to our speed, we can get allot done.  Depending on the amount of damage on an individual winow, It can be as little as a 10th of the value of replacent.
Q: Do you travel out of state or country?
A: Absolutly. though travel charges are additional.
Q: Can you do mirrored low e coated glass?
A:  It depends. Pyrolitic (fired on) coating cannot be repaired on the side that the coating is on. On I.G. glass (insulated glass) and laminated  the coating is applied on the interior between the lites.
On  tempered glass t is on the interior side and canot be repaired without removing the coating. Which we have done before.