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Chuck Moore,
President CWR Surface Restoration Inc
/aka CWR Scratch Removal in Glass.

He worked as a sales rep for Pepsi-Cola for 12 years before his entrepreneurial debut with a cutting edge internet company in 1995.  This was the first company to take automobile dealership inventories with photos and descriptions and put them on the internet. . In 2000 he sold to an international auto marketing company. After taking a few months off, he began a windshield repair business, serving car dealerships and insurance companies in windshield repair. After getting a request from a contractor to remove scratches from a house window, he recognized the need in the construction industry and began learning and  focusing on it. There were very few who were doing scratch removal in glass at the time. Since then he has had a patent pending on a plastic reconditioning process as well as a construction window protection service . He resides in Venice Florida with his wife Jeannie. He has five grown children and three grand children. He is a member of Grace Community Bible Church of Venice.

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